Juan Luis Vives

You will find here soon a website offering information on the Spanish humanist, philosoph and teacher Juan Luis Vives (1492-1540) and his work "De subventione pauperum".

Juan Luis Vives was born as a son to Jewish parents in Valencia (Spain). The contemporary of Thomas Morus, G. Budé and Erasmus of Rotterdam left Spain at the age of 17 to avert the inquisition. Vives studied at the Sorbonne in Paris und later on teached alternately in Bruges, Brussels and Oxford.

Vives composed innumerous scripts in various fields of knowledge and awareness. One of his most important publications which has been translated into all European languages is, no doubt, "De subventione pauperum" (1526).

Lecturing on socialwork sciences and Jewish ethics, I am currently working on Juan Luis Vives and his work "De subventione pauperum". I would very much appreciate any exchange of ideas with others that have been working or still are working on this subject. Please feel free to contact me.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Zeller
E-Mail: info@juan-luis-vives.org